Sunday, June 12, 2011

happiness is....

All my adult life, I have wanted for nothing. No fear of shelter, love, food, etc. But there are desires, wants, that are not part of the ubiquitous NEED cycle.

When my rain barrel was hooked up (by my lovely Michael), and a hook for the hose to rest on (also, by my lovely Michael) came to fruition today - all of its various parts come together, in its totality, I was very very happy. I have always wanted one. It gives such easy pleasure. Capture what is already provided, save it, then share it. A great metaphor. Filling an empty tank, feeding something, free. Of course, it takes work. Rejigging, caulking, hosing. But....

I love my rain barrel. It makes me SO happy. Michael understands this basic need in me.

It offsets somehow the astonishing environmental and eco-footprint of a cancer patient. Human involvement aside, the # of human hours, electricity, nuclear isotopes, electrical energy required to keep me alive, multiplied by an outstanding number of is astonishing, and I bet, dollars to donuts, you would not believe me if i calculated it.

so for now, let's be happy with the rain barrel.

and also, a bouquet to the Wenches of Wheels  -
God love em. I do. Merci Merci Merci.


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