Friday, July 15, 2011

How does it feel to be free?

This is what the lovely Dr Levin at PMH said to me, first thing, on my arrival at my 4 week post-all-treatment appointment. A really sweet and kind man.

It had not been verbalized yet by the medical professionals in m life- free from cancer. Wow. I know it is true, but the truth is sinking in VERY slowly.


And so to the business of healing - working on appropriate chemical mixes that do not contraindicate each other for long term health, anti-oxidant vitamins, pain meds for the scar (yes, it hurts to touch), and exercises for the lymphedema (swelling in the arm and shoulder).

I got a minor cut on my hand the other day getting my bike out of the shed - and immediately my body's lymphatic system went into overdrive. I am lucky, Dr Levin says - that it did not require antibiotics - I should always have them on hand, just in case, he says. No cuts, abrasions, bruises to the left arm - forever. There is now nothing there, lymphatically, to absorb the infection. It as morphed [even for Naomi] into Mummy's cancer arm.

But I am free from the BEAST.

I am free.


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Congratulations and Love from us all. V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx