Monday, August 8, 2011

Life in the slow lane

Today was a day of ebb and flow, loud voices (me, of course), whispers (Owen cheating at Marco Polo to the chagrin of his sister), hot, cool, all manner of easy polarities. We did swimming lessons (both wee fish doing very well) read books, watched TV, crashed lego starships, hung from the monkey bars, drew pictures, gardened...and this is the slow lane. These lazy days of summer are full, even when it is slow.

I chatted with my new neighbour Christine tonight, with her baby Charlie. He is lovely, chubby and smiley. I could eat him on a cracker. She had the "OMG it's 6 pm and I need another adult to talk to" look on her face as she wandered up and down the sidewalk. Me, I used to sit on the porch, willing Lawrence to come down the street...please, please come home NOW. NOW. Ok, NOW. New motherhood is a serious thing. We talked gardens, house renovations, whether we actually liked motherhood sometimes, etc. Christine asked me how my recovery was going. Astute question. Not how are you? But how is your recovery. I was impressed.

Over the course of the summer I have had friends come and go through Pearson - to foreign parts - Holland, UK, and two of them to Italy, both back now, and trying to "get organized again". How easily this becomes our reality- to get back onto the treadmill....

We had planned on an Italian vacation this summer, too. We had even sort of started planning crossing paths in Europe with one of the friends- meeting up and vacationing together. But instead we go to a palatial [really, there is no other word] cottage in Muskoka. We have friends coming. We have plans to go to a "fancy" restaurant in Gravehurst - for fine dining with the kids []. We hope to pedal our legs off in the 4-person pedal boat. S'mores. We fully expect "plays" and skits every night. We have a ton of games. There is no internet.

The "fine dining" required two things: a) online menu review - Naomi - mains - fish, with chocolate creme brulee- Owen, steak frites, and ice cream) and b) a review and selection of several choices of outfits with jewelry and purses for the Divine Miss N. Owen got new chino kecks and a clean polo shirt from Old Navy. Excellent. Busy busy busy here at #20.

You know, we really had no fucking clue what was going to happen to us, to me, in 2011. We took a safer, closer to home approach to vacation- who knew whether it was gonna be life support or physio?! Not us. Although, the vacation in and of itself was never in question, but where, how, what shape would we be in, was a free for all. We were scared to even think of it, actually. But Michael sent me a link to a rental, we sent a check, then it was done.

I am so so so glad that we have taken this path. Italy would have worn me down to a nub.

And in the days approaching, as we send out emails with our #, and pack stuff up - me and Mike are planners - we are delighted to be able to go, share, experience, eat, drink, enjoy. Slow is good.


Paddy C said...

Have fun fun fun!

Too bad it didn't work out that we could drop by for a bit.

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

PC - that just means you come see us in Itlee nxt yr my friend. xo