Saturday, October 8, 2011

Short update

by Michael

Today is the forth day after Kate's chemotherapy session, this past Tuesday. She has been "on schedule;" that is, as predicted by the doctor: tired and nauseous.

She has been in bed virtually all day, every day. Sleeping a lot, except for today, when she didn't nap, just rested as we tried to find some food that would agree with her. No luck. Mashed potatoes seemed to be the best. She's also drinking lots of water (and getting bored of it) because she needs to stay hydrated.

So it is slow going around here these past few days. Not much else to report.

The second half of the first chemo round is this coming Tuesday. It is a smaller dose, I understand, than the one last week. The three-week cycle is chemo (big) on week one, chemo (small) week two, no chemo week three. Repeat six times. Adjust as necessary.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Michael. I hope Kate finds some comfort (and some nourishment too) to help her get through this dreadful time.


Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you Michael for this update. There are so many people surrounding you even if you can't see us.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael for keeping us up to date - even when there isn't much to tell. It makes such a difference to us. Sending lots of love and hugs across the ocean to you all. V xoxox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update M - our hugs and love to all of you. CD

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael and Kate, I've been thinking of you daily and checking this blog and facebook and friend's emails for updates, which are all so welcome. It may not seem to you like you providing a lot of info, but you actually are!
Hoping that the comfort food does some comforting soon, and that the smaller chemo is smooth sailing.

Bob said...

Wishing Kate and her family the best during this hard time, rest up, get strong, and fight!