Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chemo Cycle #3

by Michael

Kate wanted me to let everybody know that she is okay. The PICC line that was inserted yesterday in her upper right arm worked like a charm today for the first of the doses of the chemo cycle #3.

Kate's hemoglobin was low last week when she visited PMH to see the oncologist, Dr. Warr, but they checked it again today and it was good, so the chemo went ahead.

They used the PICC line to get the chemo into her and it was easier than a one-time catheter. Less pain afterwards, but Kate also feels like the drugs are working faster. She said she feels like she did on Day 2, but she only had the chemo this afternoon.

Perhaps this means the side effects will wear off quicker? We'll see.

Speaking of side effects, the doctors seem to have found a good pharmacological intervention strategy (read: good drugs) to keep Kate generally pain free and eating. Tonight, in her words, she feels, "stoned."

She ate a plate of green melon and prosciutto. Sweet and sour. (Appetite: check.)

I'm home from work for the rest of the week to look after her and rest (clean house, laundry, etc.). I'm sure Kate will provide another update soon.

We are well and grateful to all looking in and watching over us. Thank you.

Report cards came home tonight (to daddy's house) and Kate talked to the kids. Both did well and were chatty and growing up so darn fast.

One of Kate's latest books on the go: Full Catastrophe Living. One day at a time.



Kristine said...

Thank you so much Michael for taking the time to keep us all posted. It's good to know things are going smoothly so far with this latest cycle. Thinking of you all, always. Give Kate a hug from me. Kristine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

I am glad to hear that Kate is eating better. Go Girl - Kick Some Ass now. That's the Kate I know.
You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers. Take care. Haideh

terri said...

I carry you with me in my heart wherever I go and my thoughts and intentions carried out to the universe on the wings of love and prayer...


Jean said...

Thanks, Mike. You and Kate, Owen and Naomi are never far from my thoughts and prayers.
You must rush out and buy Alan's new book,"I am Half-Sick of Shadows", and Kate can watch for the mistake in grammar. Hint- It's on page 86 - my eagle eye for grammar mistakes is my heritage from my old teacher, Luella Young. You can ask your father about her.
Love & hugs to you all

Anonymous said...

Very glad that things are looking up beat, thank you for writing about how things are going for all of you. Hopes and prayers for an easy smooth road. Fill us in when you can. Tiina