Monday, December 26, 2011


Naomi on her new best friend, Twister. 
There really is nothing like getting away from routines to change your state of mind.

We had a lovely Christmas at Deerhurst, which was a present to ourselves, with nothing to do but swim in the pool, check out the arcade, play ping pong, and eat, read, and relax.

At one point, all four of us were reading in the hotel room, waiting for dinner, with fancy drinks, and calmness all around. It was a lovely moment. And something likely never to occur at my house over the Christmas period. With nothing to do but relax, you tend to well, relax! We all took deep breaths, and settled in for 2 hours of doing exactly what we wanted to do. And then we ate like pigs. Oy! It was good. More on that in a sec.

Santa found us, and managed to sneak in after 12:00 - after Owen finally got to sleep. Naomi took over the overly large linen closet as her personal hidey hole - with the iPad and the Smurfs movie, all the cushions, and a new doll; Owen read, and played his favourite computer game; Michael read, played Risk with the IPad, and I went for a walk, took some pictures, and also read with a nice glass of chilled NZ wine. The kids spent 2 hours in the pool each day, frolicking with other kids - some from Germany, and two special friends from Oakville. They swim like fish now, so this means I can lounge and read and glance every so often at them. Heaven.

We had planned on dog sledding and skating, but neither were available. However, Miss Naomi got to do her pony care and ride session, which she absolutely loved. I also had a very rejuvenating pedicure.

It snowed on Christmas day, light fluffy flakes. That was all very nice to look at through the room window - thank you very much. It was all about hunkering down, and getting cozy. I LOVE the smell of freshly laundered hotel sheets, and expensive hotel toiletries - small luxuries.

We ate a tonne of good food - the buffet was spectacular. I filled my plate with smoked duck in a gorgeous red wine reduction, lime poached shrimp, pickerel in creamy caper sauce, smoked salmon, PEI mussels, and seafood ceviche. There was local beef, poultry, and maple syrup sauces, luscious cheese cake, and a gooey fruit and chocolate fountain...and I could go on and on. And we drank deeply of the prosecco on offer. The Cremant d'Alsace, Brut was particularly nice.

It was all so lovely, and so NORMAL. And refreshing for the soul.


Kristine said...

sounds AWESOME!! Especially the relaxing for hours before dinner instead of the usual get everything made and on the table at the same time challenge. So glad yo had such a lovely time. Hugs, K. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful :-) V xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a bit of your Christmas with us Kate. The food alone sounds glorious but that sun-dabbled photograph of Naomi - priceless!


Nadia Arand said...

Yeah Katie! xoxo