Thursday, January 12, 2012

The view from here

Michael and I have had an extraordinary week. Truly. Beyond the ordinary. On Sunday we bought ourselves a lovely trip to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, sparing no expense - who gets to do that, really?   Feb. 14th to 19th. A lovely spot - Villa La Estancia, warm sunny sand, margaritas, and books, swimming, etc. The view from the beach is a lovely rock formation called El Arco.

Today, we booked another sunny spot - or it is in the summer time anyhow. Norway Cemetery, Oak Hill, Line 12, plot #3. A lovely spot for me and Mike to both rest our bones (plus room for 6 more in cans! if you're interested, gimme a call!! Bribes welcome - not too many plots left - must be willing to be cremated post-departure, just sayin). Of course, we HAD to have the chat about who gets to be on top - Mike beat me to the punch, cheekily unable to resist. There really is nothing like good old gallows humour...

With a lovely view back towards our street, the spot looks through a line of  old oaks.  Hard by the Vets part of the cemetery. I admit, I thought of taking the camera and doing some goofy stuff, posing, etc, but the weather sucks today, and I thought better of it. Didn't want to get the camera wet. The appropriateness of photographic silliness of such things, well, who cares!?  I am free from such burdens as caring about shit like that, unfettered, if you will. I can see Brian and Luc raising their hands to the air in despair at the thought of this! Aaah!

The very practical boy at the cemetery (he was lovely, really, a natural in his job, and so young!) noted the view, and that this is a great part of the grounds. We have often walked through this cemetery, since it is literally, across the street from us, and it really is a lovely place. I used to walk both Owen and Naomi around there with friends, with our tots in strollers.

So boy told us a tale of the fellow who lives on one of the streets nearby, and how he picked his spot between two trees, one with five major branches, and one with two. His house # is 52.  Karmic placement? Perhaps.

It feels right, because it is. We now have one logistical issue solved. It is a beautiful spot. I lament sometimes that I am so far from people I have known who have passed on, because visiting them is out of the question. My grandparents (all of them, UK), father-in-law, Gord (Delhi, ON), an aunt, Aggie (UK), and a dear friend John (Ottawa). Leaving Ottawa for Toronto meant leaving him behind and it was hard.

We are thinking of a marble bench - for people to come and sit on and visit. Possibly planting a lovely shrub. (Shrubbery....We are the Knights Who Say Ni!)

And that is the view from here. Not as maudlin as you'd think. Sad, but then, as the boy in the cemetery said, "Well, we all need somewhere."


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog I remembered a trip with my Mom a very long time ago. We "borrowed" my brother's car and went on a junket into upper New York state including Watkins Glen (a must see for sure). By the way we didn't tell him about our trip for a couple of years. He thought we had just been shopping in TO.

In our travels in the Finger Lakes area we were in a small town looking for a waterfall that was in the middle of the little town (according to some guide book) and couldn't find it.

A local woman quite kindly showed us the way and then proceded to show us some of the other points of interest. One of them (quite surprising to us to say the least) was her future grave site. We were a little taken aback but she was so matter of fact about it (and it was a spectacular place on a hill with truly a fantastic view over the town) that we sorta got that this was actually a component for her of what made her town so very special. That was over 40 years ago and I have never forgotten her guided tour.

We then repaired to her house where she feed us some snacks and some local rose wine (catawba if I remember correctly - well its been over 40 years so give me a break!!).

It was a fascinating and quite memorable experience - her kindness to strangers, the sign on her door saying "This house is armed" (I kid you not) and her clear joy and comfort of knowing where she would be when her time here had passed.

It was a beautiful place and she may be there now. I have no question in my mind that, if that is the case, things have transpired just the way they should.

The marble bench is a wonderful idea. Don't know if you read "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil" (good read by the way - makes me want to visit Savannah) but there is a bit in it about a bench in the local cemetery - also a neighbour of ours put a bench in the local park in memory of her mom. So much more practical than a slab of upright stone.

Enjoy your stay in Mexico - it sounds fantastic - and please post some photos on your blog.

For your next junket you might want to consider taking a cruise. My brother who has Parkinsons says that it really works for him as he can do the excursions when he feels up to it and if not Linda can go on her own while he just takes it easy. Plus there is a Dr on board if needed so that is a plus too. Personaly just spending a day at sea with nothing to do but look at the ocean is a pleasure beyond compare.

Carpe Diem

Words for all of us to live by

I am so glad that you and Michael are doing just that,


Steve Bryson said...

That is beautiful. My dad, along with his parents and brother Jimmy, have an amazing spot in the cemetery just east of Grafton. It's in the corner next to a woodlot and under an old, massive ceder tree. In the summer, I like to sit under the tree in the shade, next to the yearly pot of flowers from my mom, and have lunch with my dad. And I get to do all the talking...haha! (It, it , it)

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

I love the stories thay this post as brought forth. As my ex Lawrence says, he has the now, and the plot in Bookton Cemetery, and all that lay in between is unknown....

Jean Bryson said...

I know very well the spot Steve writes about - it's my Mom and Dad and brothers Jimmy and Bob who are there. I will be there some day
too. Every time I visit, I place a little pebble on top of the of the stone, and have a little talk with Mom and Dad. Inevitably, one of the caretakers, I guess, will brush all the pebbles off the stone, and I have to start over again. That cedar tree has been there forever, and there used to be a great spirea bush which threatened to take right over, so I asked the caretaker to trim it, and now it looks like a ball cedar, except it's a spirea.
It's a beautiful spot., Blessed is the spot.