Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cake etc

Such a lot has happened since I last posted pre-Mexico vacation.

First, Mexico was as advertised - sunny, warm, lovely. Lots of margaritas, gorgeous sandy beach, ridiculously friendly servers, and calm blue ocean, literally. Mike and I had a hard time settling into the routine, but once settled it was pretty darned great. We needed to get the last year or two off our backs, and forget about it all for a brief week.

The Villa resort was divided into three hotels - though not advertised as such, there was clearly one for families with wee ones (it had a big WHALE slide in the pool), one for the boozy students (a very large swim up bar), and ours, for the fogies and geezers (the only fine dining option, and lots of fancy spots to sit and read your book). Our hotel was really condos, rented out. Big fat glossy suites of comfy chairs, fine art and marble, as far as the eye could see. And a kitchen nicer than my own. Mexico pictures here. 

There was a surfeit of water sources to choose from in which to float and bob - warm pools, hot spas, frigid ocean, fancy showers (2 in our suite!) was a very cleansing and buoyant holiday.  And the food was great. A strange mix of Asian inspired and Mexican food in the restaurant we favoured. Also, a lot of drizzles and sauces, and foams. Sometimes a bit much. There were 9 restaurants and snacking places, and we tried pretty much all except the deli. We decided the buffet was bland, the pool restaurant was great, and La Casona, our restaurant, was lovely. I ate fish and seafood every opportunity. Mike was a huge carnivore. We got to know Luis and Hector VERY well. Delightful boys. Really, no more than 25 yrs old. Hector was married, with 2 kids (5 and 2), and his family lives in Oaxaca, a LONG way away. He worked 8 am to 10 pm shifts, so he could take 4 days off when his wife and kids came. Btu Hector was literally always smiling and chatty. A lesson there for us all.

Then we had to come home. We both missed it. We missed the kids, our routines. But we realized we had turned a corner in Mexico and that routine was now to be something different. Quite different. My back was killing me (pardon the pun), and now, I had lost some feeling in my upper thigh, and there was additional pain in my groin. Fun times. Mike and I actually went to a Mexican Walmart! It was across the street from our resort, and I needed a back brace and some meds. Crazy. It even had the Macdonalds attached. Although down in Mexico, it's called Siempre -which means always, as in always open. Yipes.

Back home - we have been to the doctor's - to review my Tuesday bone scan, and yes, the mets - short for metastases - (as Naomi calls it "back cancer") have moved to the hip joint. No wonder if hurts. But as ever, with this new team, there is kindness and caring, and a plan. Radiation, dialed back chemo (pills not IV, thank God) bone hardening drugs, and pumped up pain meds. I felt immediately better mentally, once we had gone through the next steps. And the new pain meds are AWESOME. So, it's not so bad.

But now we come to probably the first of many new forks in the road. We need to figure out what we need to do to support me on a regular basis- since dish washing, laundry, housework, etc are all off limits. No lifting, no bending. We need a plan. It is amazing to me that while the physicality of my life around me seems to be shrinking in scope, the emotional component of my life expands exponentially. Huh. I love and am loved. A good place to be.  

Oh and cake - the cake part. Naomi's birthday party is Friday and she and I will make a fabulous Duncan Hines chocolate cake and cover it with pink, white and purple fondant flowers. Now those I can still make. I turn 44 tomorrow. Other celebrants - Andy, Nate, Mandy. Saturday Naomi turns 8, Daphne turns 11. Happy Birthday all. Big birthday weekend. So, we're going to eat cake!!! And live to tell the tale.  


Anonymous said...

Any help you need around the house, let me know!
Always happy to run errands too, don't hesitate to ask.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your fabulous vacation. Where to next? Here? V xxx

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B-DAY....and many many more Lynne

Carrie Snyder said...

Just want to say thank you for your posts. Your words are lit from within.

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

Carrie, have a GREAT book launch! Congratulations!!