Monday, February 27, 2012

Extraordinary things

Sometimes, people do extraordinary things for you when you are waiting for the sky to fall. Or the other shoe to drop. Or the Mack truck that hit you to come around the corner again like a juggernaut.

This past weekend. I was so sick. Sicker, perhaps, and in more pain than I have ever endured in my life. I had a dose of radiation on my affected pelvic bones, and it was a large, harsh dose. Palliative, to help ease the pain. However, they told me it would get worse before it got better. So take lots of pain meds and anti-nauseants, so I did.

It did get worse. Significantly. Agonizingly bone throbbingly worse. Give you the shakes pain. Pain so bad, you vomit. Even with morphine and antinausea meds. So yes, I was in a bad spot. ;-)

But as ever with life, the achingly-sweet good was saddled up to the trough side by each with the shitty. So many things happened to me in addition to this mind-numbing pain, things that pulled my weary sore and sad carcass through this mire.

Like Monica and Ellen dropping in with flowers; Erin having a pampered chef party, making damn sure I was included, even if I lay there like a corpse, making me (!) drink a few mimosas; Scott and Adrienne dropping by for a good few laughs and some smoked arctic char; the birthday party kids being suitably awe-struck by the great magician at Naomi's party; and a lovely dinner with my brother and Mike to celebrate the joint birthday. Ok, so I had white bread and water, but the boys enjoyed their food!! Sparkly necklaces, fragrant flowers, sweet words, smoked char. Yummy.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is going to stop me in my path through life- Cancer, fuck you. I will celebrate birthdays, I will visit, I will drink wine, I will smell the flowers, I will enjoy my peeps. I will gasp in admiration of the magicians tricks. I will don sparkly things. I will not lie down for this.

So, on that vein - click here for a gift from Brooke, with love. An awesome song - which arrived on my birthday....enjoy it. it's amazing. Brooke is Michael's second cousin - an extremely talented song writer. Sister of Leah, who painted the picture you see up top. A birthday present from Mike. It's the view from Toronto Island, on our wedding day. These lovely young women get it - life, and it's need for beautiful things, because they count, they help. They get it, in spades.



Anonymous said...

You know, I say WOW a lot in connection with you and yours. Its a little word but it says so much. That is the most awesome gift ever, and you're right, she gets it.


Holly said...

That song is wonderful and an amazingly personal tribute to everything to stand for! So lovely Kate.