Sunday, February 12, 2012

The rebellious body and the calmed mind

This old body of mine is a rebel. This is called - deliverance!! All those years of being a pain in the butt in someone else's side....aaah, me. Well. There it is.

Now is the time of relaxation between treatments of various kinds, and I find my mind and body are at odds. As are Michael's. Our bodys rebel - pains, aches, high blood pressure, and fatigue. Our bodies are tired and sore. But, our minds are calm. We packed suitcases today, sunscreen, stuff to read, and shorts. Mexico, here we come.

Friday, I signed out a car for Autoshare for 2 hours to run errands. Walking to the car, my back ached and my muscles rebelled against the uphill walk. But I was completely invigorated by tasks to complete. Buy cupcakes, post mail, pick up new mouse for laptop, new backpack for Owen, and running shoes for me to walk in - on my new walking every day plan. LCBO. Sears.

Amazing how hard it can be to find a comfortable way to sit. I know I need to get some sort of back brace. We are also contemplating rearranging the living room furniture to incorporate a supportive chair for me. However, in the intermin, Advil Extra Strength gelcaps are  a godsend.

But my mind is clear, my disposition happy. I am happy. I am so glad to enjoy the days with a clear mind and no chemical dependencies, no chemical torture. My life is good. Yes, my back hurts, but others live with much worse all the time and it is good to keep perspective,

I am fortunate to have a plan for the near future. Many don't have one of those either.

Michael is resting this week. I am go-go gadget this week. Valentines, cooking, errands. Normal. I just can't get enough of it.