Saturday, March 17, 2012

I left my heart....

in San Francisco...The city by the bay. Such a lovely place, and made even lovelier when you go visiting with your lovely friend, sweetheart of the century - Krissy. Did I mention it was lovely!?

Nothing says love like an old friend and their familiar ways. Krissy and I met while working at the National Archives in 1980 something. Since then we have traveled together through familiar and unfamiliar lands - NYC, Ottawa, Toronto, and now San Fran - experiencing love, loss, divorce, children together. We recalled stories we cannot possibly tell our children! And we regaled with those we could, which was a much smaller number (how did we make it to adulthood?).

We have not had a chance to spend any real time together since, well, 2007, and that was when she came for the wedding so it was a busy time. Before that it was a 2006 visit, when I took myself off to visit solo, as a post divorce take care of myself gift. It was a great time in my life when Krissy and Co. were in Toronto for a brief period in 2005-2006. Life was complicated back then too.

The trip to San Francisco was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it - and so did the kids. The kids are seasoned travellers now, and having the wheelchair made everthing "really awesome" says Owen - as we bypassed all the LONG line ups for customs, security, etc. There is a serious up side to mobility aids. Besides the kids having fun pushing me into things, like other passengers. Ack.

When we arrived, there was instant bonding with Daphne and Alex, and nary a fight or issue amongst them for 6 whole days. Lots of kiddy shenanigans, but no trouble! Krissy is one of those lovely people for whom nothing is too much trouble, no plan or idea too crazy, nor any emotion too much to handle. We had some serious sombre moments when the gravity of the real life situation was obvious to us, and it would take us by surprise, as well as fits of giggles, and laughter at ourselves (former and present). Now I ask you, who else can you pull your boob out of your shirt for but an old friend!? It's a one-trick pony, but it works for a good laugh.

I fared pretty well, but for some short bouts of pain, manageable but unpleasant. There was always a hug or cuddle in the offing when required. And a wheelchair for public outings and museums made it so much easier. I could literally sit back and enjoy the view. It could be the kids playing, the sun on my face, or the fog over the bay - all breath taking. Speaking of views- here are the pictures. They say more than I ever could.

there is a set for San Fran on the top right of the home page.

Enjoy! Happy St Patrick's Day.

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