Friday, March 30, 2012


by Michael

No snappy music videos today. Just a short update.

Kate had her 4th radiation treatment today. One more tomorrow, then we slide quietly into the rest of our lives.

We will be back at Sunnybrook on Wednesday, April 4 for check in with the specialist - and hopefully no news to receive or report after that for a while.

Just Easter and the spirit of rebirth and all that.

Kate's cousin Sandra arrived yesterday from the UK with her husband Kirk and 10-year-old son Nathan. They are ensconced throughout the house tonight. Friends Sandra and Patrick from Ottawa also visited this evening, and Kate's brother Andy took her to her late-afternoon radiation.

I came home from work and ordered pizza. Owen went to a movie with a friend. Then Kate came home and reported that her radiation had been delayed because someone had had a heart attack on the machine, sending the staff into Code Blue.

The last thing you need when you're waiting for a zap of radiation.

On top of that, Andy's 17-year-old dog died today, and he was off home after the hospital to console his family.

But we had a good evening. Full of fun and laughs. Naomi was especially entertaining, and Owen charmed everyone with his report of The Hunger Games when he got home.

Everyone here is now in bed, and I'm off to slumber, too.

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