Thursday, May 10, 2012

Change in Direction

by Michael

These past weeks, we have been concerned about Kate's back. After yesterday's visit to the hospital, the centre of concern has shifted.

Yesterday we learned that the cancer has grown again in Kate's liver, and it has expanded into the wall of the abdomen. This latter development is causing fluid to build up in Kate's gut.

Next steps:
- treatment to drain the fluid tomorrow
- new chemotherapy to begin next week

Continue with the hydromorphine (and other meds) to manage the pain from Kate's back, though we're dialing back a bit on the dexamethazone.

Doctors are also going to do a CT of Kate's head as a precautionary check.

What does this mean?

First, it means that Kate should get some relief from pain of being bloated. Her waist gained two inches in recent days. We need to reverse that, get some relief, and manage that going forward with a permanent catheter.

Second, the hospital is going to try to get Kate into trial for a promising new chemo drug. If they can't do that, they have a couple of other options. We're not sure what the regimen, schedule or side effects will be until we know what drug they're going to use.

Third, it means any discussion of surgery on Kate's back is on hold.

We have told the children that the cancer is back and that Mummy will be having tube installed to drain fluid and new chemo. They took it in stride, but who knows what they're thinking? We've told them to ask us anything they want, any time.

Last night was the first of two performances of the school play. Owen had a speaking role and Naomi was in the junior choir. Both were excellent, excited and exhausted.

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