Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Change

by Michael

I wrote earlier today about our visit to Sunnybrook yesterday, where we learned the cancer is growing again in Kate's liver and has spread to her abdominal wall.

We were expecting the next step to be draining fluid from her gut. However, today we were called back to Sunnybrook for more bloodwork and an ultrasound.

The result is, the ultrasound showed insignificant fluid. There's not enough there to drain. So what is causing the bloating? Tumor.

We also learned today that Kate isn't eligible for the trial at the moment. Her liver numbers are too poor. However, she is now scheduled to begin chemotherapy tomorrow (not the trial, but something else). When they get the liver numbers better, then they will try to get her into the trial again later.

Change fast upon change. Hard to keep up.

We did ask today why this new tumor wasn't found when Kate was in hospital three weeks ago. The answer was that the growth has occurred since then.


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Double Shit.

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What an astonishing experience for the kids....looking forward.