Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shelter from the Storm

by Michael

What follows is a few words to make clear what was left unspoken in the previous posts.

The cancer has returned to Kate's liver with a force we cannot stop.

The chemotherapy Kate had last Friday and is scheduled to have again this coming Friday may gain her some time, but we do not know how much.

We have told the kids that the cancer is going to win.

We are still sorting out our next steps and plans, and at this time would appreciate privacy.

That said, as always, we feel emboldened by all of the love and support we have received and has been offered.


Anonymous said...

No words can express how sorry I am to hear this, my heart aches for you and your family. Love and prayers to you all.

Anonymous said...

The worst news.
But no way does cancer "win".
YOU and yours WIN HANDS DOWN, by the way in which you're living, and sharing, with such grace and determination.
Because of YOU, many of us are examining our own lives and resolving to do better at grabbing life in all it's glory.
We love you x V

Anonymous said...

there is nothing I can say that will make what I read here go away, as much as I wish it could for you. You have all been courageous in this and should be proud of how much you have shown us all the importance of family, love and life, that we all take for granted. God bless dear Kate, Terry.