Friday, May 4, 2012


Today is Friday. It will be a good day. I have a new magazine to read, an old book, kids to feed for lunch, and a date with my awesome kid to look forward to this evening. The others too, go on a date! Date night is awesome, a needed pause to show you love someone.

I will focus on the reduction of pain, psychic and real today. I will breathe. I will wear my little old lady compression socks (Naomi's outright loud and rich guffaw and roll on the floor at the "sausages"  my legs have become was fantastic! You cannot script that stuff) and take my diuretic pills. I will sweat like an old man, and pat my head with a delicate little vintage handkerchief from my Nana.

I will revel in the good news of friends and family - Baby Hugo thrives, friends have job offers, there are opportunities for love to thrive in rethinking relationships, the pea shoots are transplanted. Mary is going to make me my favourite cake. It's a mish mash. And it's good.

How is your mish mash today?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for asking - my mish is a bit mashed I must admit. But I have been thinking of you and trying to keep things in perspective. I plan to try to replenish my spirit this weekend by sharing my garden plants with someone who has none, and giving my tired body some rejuvenating physical activity. You are always on my mind...