Wednesday, May 2, 2012

wee update

Off to Sunnybrook shortly for CT scan for 3:15 for liver review. Please send prayers, thoughts and good karma that the cancer is not back.

Doctor is holding off on precentesis for now -going with diuretics and compression garments as first step. Wait till CT results come back and see if there is significant build up in the chest cavity. then decide on drainage. I can live with it.

Sigh. Hurry up and Wait.


Anonymous said...

There must be a reason I decided to check in on you at 3:06...

Plenty 'o prayers, thoughts and good karma are being sent your way right now! CD

Anonymous said...

You ask for it you got it.


Bob said...

Thinking of you on this lovely spring day. Be strong, and know always that you are loved. Will smell a flower for you on the way out this evening.

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

merci mes went ok. painless. but for the psychology.